martes, 27 de octubre de 2015

A crying little baby (thats your brand)

So there is always a crying little baby that I just don't get. That negative person that cannot be happy. There is this little boy that used to make like $8-$10 an hour and then he was given the opportunity to make like $40000 plus a year. Not only he is ungrateful to the company that took him but he just is not satisfied with the system at all. I wonder if every person working in retail has to live their every day life with a crying little baby like I have to. This person has been given plenty of opportunities and solutions and still have the face to instigate about others peoples benefits. I just wonder what is that this person thinks fairness is? To all my knowledge he has been given plenty of benefits (I can even hear him saying : what benefits have you given me?) lol. Well, your ass has not been fired after all the last minute emergencies and leaving early things. As far as I know you are still coming to work to complain about other peoples lifes instead of focusing on your own. Yet he is a leader, a person that I kinda admire, so sad to see a leader complaining. Can a leader complain? maybe it is just one of the multiple personalities that he has and I just prefer to see this one. It really gets on my nerves, that he has the face to "front", to "voice his opinion", when he has be given plenty of opportunities. What is it? another person cannot get the same benefits? What makes me even more upset is that because I do not want to hear his mouth, I have asked him plenty of times what schedule is that you want? and he has almost all request he ask...yet he still complains... Nothing is enough, and I really feel like: really dude? but I just let it be...cause it is not worth it. Some people you try to help to be better, and they act like "if they want to be better" , maybe for moments the leader comes out and I really like that person, but then when he is so negative, I just feel sorry because nobody wants to work with a person like that. It is just another leader lost. No matter how many opportunities you can give a person if the person just don't see the big picture, it is a lost case. Don't get me wrong, I really like this employee. He may think I do not have a though skin. Reality is I do not, because I care for some people. And I do care for him, so sad he cannot see it, and he just pushes away people that gives him opportunities. It is what it is. Sad Sad Sad.